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The “Book”
If you are not able to see all of the buildings/rooms in the “Book” that you could see in the previous version:

  • Click on Book
  • Click on Options (upper right corner of the book)
  • Set the “Maximum No. of Rooms” to 500

To set the book to automatically refresh:

  • Click on Book
  • Click on Options (upper right corner of the book)
  • Use the drop down arrow next to “Automatically Refresh” and select “every two minutes”

Notes Field

The “Notes” field associated with items is no longer available to edit. A new field called “Special Instructions” is available.

Confirmation Reports
Private Confirmation Reports must be updated to not show the “Notes” field. Do this for your own private confirmation reports.  Do not do this if you use the Basic Confirmation Report .

  • From a reservation, select Confirmation
  • Select your private Confirmation Report from the “Setup” drop down list
  • Click Edit
  • On the Options tab,  check the “Suppress Item Notes” box
  • On the Email Options tab/“Email To” line, check the “1st Contact” box
  • On the Email Options tab/“Email CC” line, check the “2nd Contact” box and the “Web User” box
  • Click Memorize

In the next few days, we will be posting new tips and tricks on the EMS Booking Blog.

The EMS Upgrade is complete. Hooray!  EMS Client and EMS Web Room Request are now available.

PC Users must download the new version of EMS. Please do the following:

  1. Click on this link: https://wesfiles.wesleyan.edu/software/PCSoft/All/EMS/EMS%205.2.1/EMSEnterpriseClient.msi
  2. You will be prompted for your Wesleyan username and password.
  3. You will be asked “would you like to save this file”  - click Save.
    1. If you are using Internet Explorer,  save the file to your desktop.
    2. If you are using Mozilla, the file will automatically save and a Downloads dialog box will open.
  4. Internet Explorer users: Double click on the file on your desktop to open the file, follow the prompts to run.
  5. Mozilla users: Double click on the downloaded file in the dialog box,  follow the prompts to run.
  6. You may be prompted for server and database information:
    1. Server: Heron\sqlsrv_mast
    2. Database: ems_prod

If you have trouble downloading the file, please contact your desktop support specialist.

  • Welcome and acknowledgment of schedulers who have moved departments:
    • Caryln Canalia is temporarily the administrative assistant in the Computer Science and Mathematics department. She moved from her temporary post in the Physics Department.
    • Erinn Savage has moved to the Physics Department from her former posts in the College of Letters and Religion Department.
  • Announcement that the EMS booking blog is online.
    • All EMS support documents (including the Abridged User Manual), video tutorials, and websites are available in the right-hand column of the page. Continue Reading »

Reminder: The most recent version of the EMS Abridged User Manual can be found on the web at http://STOWE.

1.  Welcome – Cheryl Hagner

  • Carin Canalia – new EMS scheduler of Physics classrooms introduced herself.
  • Please inform Events & Scheduling of staff changes that affect room scheduling.
  • There will be an email to students informing them of the new EMS/Online Calendar connection

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1. Welcome – Cheryl Hagner

  • 2 EMS User Group Sessions will be scheduled for next semester.
  • There will be EMS training for new schedulers in January, all are welcome.
  • Academic Import is complete.  In EMS classes are purple blocks.  The registrar’s office will continue to move classes around until after the start of next semester.
  • Please cancel any bookings in your spaces over the winter break that you know are not happening.
  • Usdan will be closed from 12/23 at 5pm until 1/05.

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Virtual Requests in EMS

Cheryl Hagner and Brandi Cahill reviewed what schedulers should know about the virtual request process.

Virtual Requests as a Scheduler:
Each scheduler originally chose how they would like to receive virtual requests: via a “Notification” in EMS, via email, or both a “notification” and email

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The Booking Blog is all about room scheduling at Wesleyan.  This is the site with documentation, how to request a room, how to get your event on the University Calendar, how to schedule support services for your event and who to contact if you have questions or problems.  The blog is supported by the EMS Steering Committee and the Events and Scheduling Office.  Visit frequently since we will try to keep information up to date.

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